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Thread: Compact Workshop Welding Area

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    Compact Workshop Welding Area

    Decided to design a welding area for my home workshop, but didn't have a lot of space.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_01.jpg

    Wanted the welding table to be strong enough to be functional when welding heavy items; yet, also movable and as compact as possible to save space.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_02.jpg

    I needed a welding table that would fit over the top of my metal band saw and used that as a basis to draw these concept renderings in SolidWorks CAD software.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_03.jpg

    Also wanted to be able to remove the 1/2″ thick metal flat-bar table top planks and re-position them to allow for easier clamping of specific welding projects.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_04.jpg

    When fabricating the 52" x 24" welding table I left some of the steel tubing ends open to allow a place to put partially used Stainless Steel & Aluminum TIG rods.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_05.jpg

    Drilled holes throughout the table top steel planks to allow the vise to be placed anywhere on the table along with custom made Vise-Grip type bolt-on clamps.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_06.jpg

    To conserve space, the metal band saw fits under the welding table on a stand with wheels that turn 360 degrees. This allows me to quickly pull the band saw out and use it when needed, then quickly store it out of the way when not in use.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_07.jpg

    If needed the Welding Table & Band Saw Stand can be locked in place using leveling bolts. ( Also added Wheels & Leveling Bolts to the Drill Press Stand )

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_08.jpg

    I tried to keep the design for the table & stands as simple as possible so the items could be easily made by anyone who has the ability to cut and weld metal.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_09.jpg

    By using smaller ‘inverter’ type welding technology, I was able to fit two welding machines on top of the stand that fits over my air compressor; thus, allowing me the flexibility to TIG, MIG, and STICK weld - in my small workshop area - projects made of Mild Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

    Compact Workshop Welding Area-weldingarea_10.jpg

    Full Link: Compact Workshop Welding Area | CTM Projects


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    Thanks MetalDesigner! I've added your Welding Table to our Metalworking category, as well as to your builder page: MetalDesigner's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Turned out well, I was puzzled about the little cart until I saw you'd put a bandsaw on it. Nice design and build
    Andy from Workshopshed
    "Making and repairing things in a shed at the bottom of the garden"

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    Very well thought out welding table. I like the little touches like open-ended tubing and planks that can be repositioned.

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    Very, very nice! I like that a lot!

    By the way, what program did you use to create your 3D models? They look very good.

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