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Thread: Concrete foam fill - GIF

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    Concrete foam fill - GIF

    Concrete foam filler. An expanding polyurethane foam capable of lifting 6,000 lbs. per square foot.


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    Spin Screed

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    Wow That is amazing. Wonder where this is available. My garage floor needs this.

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    Check on the Internet or your local yellow pages , they use this to repair factory floors that have " settled " .

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    I found out the hard way that ants love this stuff for colonizing. It's soft and easy to tunnel and move. Carpenter ants made a home of it in one of my window surrounds. The contractor "insulated" all of the voids with 2-part foam. After seeing huge black ants inside the house by that window I removed the trim and found thousands of ants around the whole window. I guess I should feel lucky, they didn't enter any of the framing so all I had to do was remove the foam and all of the ants (including the queen), stuff it with fiberglass then replace the trim. I have seen carpenter ants completely destroy a house over several decades. I'd hate to see what would happen if they did this and undercut a huge concrete slab in the process! Places around here just inject cement or mortar to raise slabs that have sunk.

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