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Thread: Convert my welding machine into welding cart with removable steering wheel.

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    Convert my welding machine into welding cart with removable steering wheel.

    My welder a 30+ years old transformer machine was too heavy for my age
    so I decided to attach two extra wheels at front with a removable steering wheel
    to make my life easiest.
    The machine now can move at front or back or turn around very easily.
    At first I replaced the factory wheels at the back with two bigger heavy duty solid rubber wheels with cylindrical ball bearings
    keeping the back old wheels to use them at front.
    All other materials that I have use are from old left over items and metal scrap.

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    That's great. That should be in every bigger sized welder / cart. Those bigger ones are really annoying to move, specially in tight places.

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    Thanks kess! We've added your Welding Machine Mobility Modification to our Welding category,
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