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Thread: couple more bits

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    couple more bits

    heres a couple more bits ive made recently.

    first is a tapping guide for tapping cooling pipes and need them tapping cock on straight.
    its for a central machine coolant system im building for shop.
    its made out of 25mm rd stock which i turned down 2/3rd off to leave lip at bottom to hold in place.
    second i clearanced drilled all way through for 1/4bsp.
    next i bored out large bottom section to be snug fit over tubing im using for system.

    next up is holder for some 150mmdia x 25mm thick ally i need to turn in lathe.
    its made from 25mm rd stock with one end turned down to 17mm.
    then i tapped small end m12 and made 2 spacers to be snug sliding fit on holder so work would be held solidly in holder.
    couple more bits-phone-pics-006.jpgcouple more bits-phone-pics-005.jpg

    couple more bits-phone-pics-007.jpg

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    Thanks naughtyboy! I've added your Tapping Guide and Lathe Workpiece Holder to our Machining category, and the former also to our Tapping category. Both entries have also been added to your builder page: naughtyboy's Homemade Tools. Your receipts:

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