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Thread: Crane load smashes into building - GIF

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    Every job I've ever been on, the crane operator might as well not even possess a brain. The operator exists only to follow hand signals from the ground. One of the worst f'ups I've seen was because a crane operator decided to improvise and crashed the boom into a 185 ft manlift, extended, with people in it.

    1. What was this crane operator doing?
    2. Where is the spotter?
    3. Where is the tag line to guide the load?

    This video is just amateur hour. No wonder they crashed the load into the building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crotchetyoldbastard View Post
    Well, they used to have a guy but he's been paid an extra $600/month to stay home so . . .
    How is it extra if he's not earning a salary?

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    I think he missed a couple windows. There's still some left unshattered by his stultifying incompetence.

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