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Thread: Custom plugs for drop-in anchors

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    Custom plugs for drop-in anchors

    I recently installed some drop-in anchors in my garage floor to bolt my manual tire changer down. I wanted a way to keep dirt out of the threads when the tire changer was put away, so I 3D modeled and printed some custom plugs.

    Hope you guys find it useful.

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    I did the same thing for my harbor freight tire changer, but mine is outdoors on the slab under a car port, which is exposed to rain and snow, and salt from my car. I used 1/2-13 bolts that I machined the hex down a bit to reduce the trip hazard, and innertube rubber washer gasket as a seal to keep water out under a steel washer. I also stuck lots of grease to displace any water that does leak in. So far this has worked to prevent the bolts from corroding in place.
    I don't have a 3D printer, but I like this solution, that has a much lower profile, and grease should not dissolve the plastic.

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