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Thread: Dial indicator for lathe quick change tool post - no dovetails!!

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    Dial indicator for lathe quick change tool post - no dovetails!!

    Instead of taking the proper route to cut dovetails in a QCTP toolholder, I simply welded two short bars onto a strap metal to fit in the dovetails. I then used this to mount a dial indicator. When centering a workpiece in a four jaw chuck, this is the only way to get it perfectly centered quickly. I can center a piece in under minute!
    Dial indicator for lathe quick change tool post - no dovetails!!-img_1632.jpgDial indicator for lathe quick change tool post - no dovetails!!-img_1633.jpg

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    Thanks the.hogman! We've added your QCTP Dial Indicator Mount to our Measuring and Marking category, as well as to your builder page: the.hogman's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    The round rods on your adapter is what I am using instead of dove tails , my lathe is big and very old 20 inch swing , a standard quick change tool post is to costly , I decided on the piston type .

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