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Thread: Dirt Cheap Automatic Tailstock Feed for Your Metal Lathe

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    Dirt Cheap Automatic Tailstock Feed for Your Metal Lathe

    There are a number of lathe operations, such as center drilling, in which an automatic tailstock feed would be useful. This is easily accomplished in the manner shown in the photos. A clamping shaft collar is secured to the tailstock spindle. A forked bracket, mounted on the carriage engages the shaft collar. With the tailstock clamp slightly loosened, the longitudinal feed advances the carriage and tailstock at the desired speed.

    Dirt Cheap Automatic Tailstock Feed for Your Metal Lathe-img_8872.jpg Dirt Cheap Automatic Tailstock Feed for Your Metal Lathe-power-tailstock-308102020_00000.jpg

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    In mold making, especially deep cavities, this was accomplished differently. But that equipment was physically much larger, attaining, ~.008 to ~.025 per revolution.
    By linking carriage to tailstock with eyebolts and chain or a tie bar. The advantage of tie bar, interrupting feed, and joggling handwheel functioned as a chip breaker. The tailstock clamp was not engaged, pulling from below let ways do their job.

    I'd hesitate loading a machine lead-screw this way, while a feed shaft is built for the job.
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    Thanks tmate3! We've added your Automatic Tailstock Feed to our Lathe Accessories category,
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    interesting way to do this,, FYI , some lathes have a threaded hole in the carridge that lines up with a threaded hole in the tailstock,,,a special bolt was supplied with lathe,, it was threaded on both ends,with a hex in the middle, to lock both carridge and tailstock together,, check your lathe out folks , it may have these two holes..

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