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Thread: DIY 2018 X-Carve 1000mm Table (FREE PLANS)

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    DIY 2018 X-Carve 1000mm Table (FREE PLANS)

    DIY 2018 X-Carve 1000mm Table (FREE PLANS)-img_9667.jpg DIY 2018 X-Carve 1000mm Table (FREE PLANS)-img_9665.jpg

    The video will show you how I built my 4’ x 5’ x 35” table for my 2018, 1000mm X-Carve machine from Inventables. I designed this table specifically for my new machine and it features a very stiff/flat torsion box top. It also has a large roll-out tray underneath. This build is entirely plywood, and I used approximately 4 sheets of ” cabinet grade ply for most of it. The top is ” A/C Ext. Fir – only because I already had it.

    The drawings I offer in pdf are not what I would call “complete” as they do not contain all the notes and dimensions I might normally include when I put out plans for the general public. This is because I produced these for myself to use as a general guide while working in the shop, and I did not need a fully complete set of drawings. That being said, a savvy person should easily be able to figure out how to build this type of table without the additional information I might normally include, simply by watching the video and then comparing the video with the drawings. Sorry – there is no materials list or cut list included here.

    The configuration and dimensions used were determined by the size and dimensions of my new, Inventables 1000mm X-Carve machine space requirements. The small size of my shop requires all equipment to be mobile, and that’s why I built the table with locking swivel casters.

    The following items were purchased from Harbor Freight Tools: (4) 3” locking swivel casters. I don’t have the item number, but they are typically $3.99 each. (3) 1-1/2” swivel casters, item #41519. (16) 5/8” roller ball bearings, item #’s 37032 or 482017.

    Construction took place using Kreg pocket hole screws, Titebond II wood glue, and a variety of 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2” deck screws.


    Here's the video:

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