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Thread: diy biscuit joiner.

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    diy biscuit joiner.

    with parts off old copy machine and scrap i make this biscuit biscuit joiner.-70403523_2511591568932163_8208338704939352064_n.jpgdiy biscuit joiner.-71051089_2511591612265492_8392092863449530368_n.jpgdiy biscuit joiner.-70781514_2511591682265485_3940551022845362176_n.jpgdiy biscuit joiner.-71110174_2511591578932162_1159378313626517504_n.jpg

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    Nicely made machine, and clever use of a photocopier!
    I can even recognize the blue paper fwd feed thumbwheel used as a depth stop!

    I strip any old printer/ photo copier I can get my hands on -
    (my Uni has to pay 1 buck 50 / kilo for destruction of these, so I voluntarily do the job in my spare time)
    harvesting precision rollers, axles, bearings, electric and sprag clutches, electromechanic stuff and POM gears and details.
    Half-decent steppers could still be found, though today they've mostly been displaced by PM DC motors.
    The rest goes into our metals, plastics and electronics (free) recycling bins.

    And then lastly: All the fun of getting that ultra-fine CMYK toner all over yourself, looking like a "Smurf on acid".

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