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Thread: DIY Knob Repair

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    DIY Knob Repair

    How to fix a broken knob. You find these on stoves, radios, (old) TVs, cars (heater, AC, radio), gas grills, etc. With a bit of practice it takes about 15 minutes.
    It's not uncommon for the shaft / ferrule to crack or break. I've used this technique to fix them and so far it's been 100% and never had to re-repair one. It's a very permanent and strong repair. I even used it on the splined ferrule "pot metal" window crank of a 1966 Mustang!

    - Slow set epoxy glue (can use other glues, but they are MUCH less strong)
    - Thin tube (as discussed in the video)
    - Sewing thread, polyester is best
    - Scissors and / or knife
    - Sand paper
    - Spacer (drill bit or anything of the right size per video)

    Note On the orange / bigger knob: I have also used a big metal washer rather than the cloth technique. The washer is faster and easier, but I did not have one and did not want to run to the hardware store. The cloth / epoxy thing works well for repairing broken plastic cases, but it's a lot messier and harder.

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