One of the most essential tools you can have on your boat is the anchor. Seems like such a simple thing, but it can cost you hundreds of dollars and newer wedge type anchors are perhaps the most expensive. Why not make one yourself?

Since I can’t afford to purchase a new (or even a used) Rocna or Mantus wedge style anchor, I’m making my own cloned version with about $45.00 dollars’ worth of steel. (This is Part 3 of a mini-series.)

This week, you’ll see me position parts in place, tack weld, and begin the “root welds” and finish welds of all the parts that make up my version of a wedge style anchor. I wanted to conclude this project within this third segment, however inclement weather wouldn’t allow me the opportunity to do so. Looks like there will be a Part 4 and possibly a further segment, depending on the weather. I’m typing this on Wednesday, April 1st and it snowed today.

Here's the video: