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Thread: DIY Mobile Paint & Adhesives Cart (FREE PLANS)

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    DIY Mobile Paint & Adhesives Cart (FREE PLANS)

    DIY Mobile Paint & Adhesives Cart (FREE PLANS)-img_0129.jpg


    This Mobile Paint & Adhesives Cart is a much needed and long overdue tool to have in my shop. I now have a mobile storage space for all my paints, adhesives, caulks, and other shop chemicals & liquids, instead of having them scattered all over the shop in odd places. Everything is now in one place where I can find what I need, without wasting time looking around, wondering where I put something. With this storage cart being mobile, I can wheel it into my mud room or other warm space during the cold winter months, so my paints and adhesives won’t freeze and go bad on me.

    This Mobile Paint & Adhesives Cart is fast, easy, and inexpensive to build. I used less than 2 sheets of ¾” (18mm) plywood for the sides, shelves, and bottom pieces. The center divider is ½” (12mm) CDX sheathing type plywood. The trim/retaining wood strips were cut from KD Spruce framing lumber (I had scraps laying around the shop).

    For fasteners, I used Kreg, 1-1/4” course pocket hole screws to joining the side panels to the bottom panel, and Kreg ¾” pocket hole screws on the underside of the shelves, into the ½” (12mm) plywood center divider. The ends of the shelves were fastened with #8 x 1-1/4” deck screws through the side panels into the ends of the shelves. Dados were cut into the bottom and side panels to hold the center divider and shelves in place, and to add strength. All Dados were cut to a depth of ¼” (6mm).

    The only glue used was to attach the trim/retaining strips. All of which were ripped to a thickness of ¼” (6mm) and tacked into place with pin nails. The panels were painted with leftover paint, and 4 swivel casters were added, purchased from Harbor Freight Tool Co.

    This cart has many other uses: It can be a mobile book shelf, fastener storage cart, canned goods storage cart, mobile parts rack, vendor items sales rack, etc. The list is virtually endless. It’s easy to simply change the number of shelves and spacing as needed.

    If you are building this storage cart in the metric system, simply round off the numbers given in the dimensions in order to make it easier for you to build this project. None of these dimensions are hard and fast, and in fact, feel free to alter the dimensions of this support system, make it taller or shorter, wider or narrower, etc. as is necessary to meet your requirements.

    The measurements given in the drawings can be regarded as general guidelines.

    Link to FREE PLANS download here:

    Here's the video:

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