Nets have a variety of uses on board a sailboat. They can also be expensive. Save big bucks making them yourself and I値l show you how.

Last week, I began with making your own net needle (shuttle) which was Part 1 of this series. It's listed under "Homemade Tools" in this forum.

This video shows you one of the most common knots used in net making by hand, and I also included a little optional twist to make the knot more secure. I used large sized line to make it easy for the viewer to see how the knot is tied. You can practice this knot and you値l be ready to make a basic rectangular net with me next week!

Nets (in different shapes and sizes) are used in the cabin to suspend fresh fruits and veggies, used as laundry bags, snorkeling and diving gear bags, etc. Nets are added to stanchions and safety lines around the boat (mostly on offshore cruisers), and of course you can make nets for fishing. These are just a few suggestions but no doubt you can think of many more.

Before you start making nets, you have to know how to tie a proper knot - here's how: