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FREE PLANS in pdf format (BOTH IMPERIAL & METRIC DIMENSIONS) – Download Info Below.

Most of my subscribers know me as the retired guy that makes stuff and gives away free plans. However, many are unaware of my career as a professionally licensed marine engineer and naval architect. Of the subscribers that do know more about me, several have sent emails suggesting some sort of river boat or shanty boat design that would be easy and relatively inexpensive to build.

I’ve put together some very basic concept sketches for a small shanty boat or houseboat design for all of you to look over and ponder. This design is 20’ long overall and has a molded beam of 8’ (width), however with rub rails and such it will be more likely 8’3” total width or thereabouts. At any rate, it will be less than the maximum 8’6” width allowed by DOT for towing without a wide load permit. The overall height when sitting on a flatbed trailer will be well under the maximum 13’6” height allowed by DOT, so the boat can be hauled almost anywhere in the U.S. on public road ways.

My initial design is to accommodate two adults with perhaps a child or two, plus pets, for weekends afloat. The vessel is intended for slow, calm, quiet waters on slow moving rivers, lakes, ponds, and estuaries. Essentially, protected waters are where the vessel lives.

Construction involves simple plywood and common framing lumber joined with glues and screws. The outer seams are protected with epoxy resin and fiberglass tape. Propulsion and steering are provided by an outboard motor with a hydraulic steering system.

Further features, accommodation layouts, and specifications are up to all of you and your input.

If there is enough interest, I’ll draw up a complete set of construction drawings, including all pertinent details and basic instructions. All you must do is to let me know you are interested by downloading free concept drawings. The download count should at least reach the 300-download mark or more for me to continue the design project. Once the minimum download count has been reached, I’ll continue working on plans and make them available free, on my YouTube channel and on my Downeast Thunder Creations web site.

In addition to downloading the free concept drawings, I would also like to hear from you in the comments section below the YouTube video and preferably by email. What would you like to see incorporated into the design? This is where you have a chance to collaborate and influence the final design.

Here’s the link to the FREE (for conventional tools) CONCEPT PLANS download page (in both Imperial & Metric dimensions):

Many thanks to all my subscribers for participating, commenting, liking, and sharing my videos. I very much appreciate your continued support of my YouTube channel. It’s a lot of fun for me, and I hope this trend continues.

Here's the video: