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Thread: Doc tries some metal work...

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    Lightbulb Doc tries some metal work...

    Hi everybody.

    As I've mentioned before, I'm a wooden toy maker/wood worker and pretend wood turner. Since recently aquiring a small workshop area (3m by 3m shed) just for metal work, I decided to make a few tool rests for my wood lathe.

    The steel was cut to size (the bent piece was already that shape) and then cleaned - wire brush/grinder and arc welded (?stick welded??) to a bolt that fits my lathe banjo.

    The top two piccies are of the same rest - about 200mm on the longest side. The bottom left is a small T rest of about 100mm and the long doodad rest is about 350mm long - allows me to turn a wand without moving my banjo - yeah, I'm lazy

    When I welded each piece I also ground back the welds to check to make sure that I had plenty of melted steel (forgot the correct terminology) - welder friend of mine suggested it. He said if I do that often enough I'll turn into a decent welder rather than the best metal grinder

    Anyhoo, enjoyed myself playing with a welder. A bit addictive, non?



    Doc tries some metal work...-tool-rests.jpg

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    Well done Doc, I have to do some also, but makes me thinking that I have already done one, a piece of art of brazing job
    I have to show it !
    The shape I would like to do is a rounded shape to get inside bowls.
    But for the moment, I have some difficulties to find some good diameter round stock (without purchasing)
    Thanks Doc !

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    Thanks Doc! I've added your Lathe Tool Rest to our Metalworking and Wood Lathes categories, as well as to your builder page: Doc's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Well done Doc...:O)

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