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Thread: Dodecagonal mallets

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    Dodecagonal mallets

    A hundred years ago, there was quite a high class dining table in oak, with two thick trestle legs. But unfortunately, it was not restorable. But I took the centre sections, into which 12 slightly concave facets had been worked, and turned them into mallets.

    Dodecagonal mallets-e9b1e60a-9c53-448c-b75b-f6481fe68359.jpg

    Since the legs had been laminated from 5 sections of oak before being turned, to prevent breakage I put in about 2 doz. two-inch brass screws into each. I drilled a 32mm hole through the centre of each, enlarging it with a hot iron and rasp to make slight oval. The ash handles are also reclaimed material.

    Dodecagonal mallets-10872325-5a14-4257-aacf-4ce86a64d8f3.jpg

    The rest of the table has been rendered into charcoal. (Which kept me warm in the process and also enabled me to draw down a couple of forgings)

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    American Indians decorated the stocks of their treasured rifles with patterns of brass tacks driven into the wood. Your mallets evoke their appearance.

    Dodecagonal mallets-gun.jpg
    Regards, Marv

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Dodecagonal Mallets to our Hammers category,
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