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Thread: Double micrometer - photo

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    That's amazing. Also even as a go/no go gauge I'm still racking my brain to come up with a situation where I'd need this.

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    Have one mitutoyo just like these

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    Quote Originally Posted by nova_robotics View Post
    That's amazing. Also even as a go/no go gauge I'm still racking my brain to come up with a situation where I'd need this.
    when needing to set the max min diameter tolerances of a turned part set the outer anvil to the max diameter then the inner one to the minimum
    the part will pass through the outer if not oversized but will not pass the inner unless undersized. If you need to know the exact diameter you have within the 2 readings then use another micrometer for that reading It helps to also have a pair of standards that are the exact max/min to set the micrometer by
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    This type of Mic would typically used in a setting where either repeated checks are called for in production
    or where an inspector is running quality control on sample lots.
    There are other places as well but those are/were the most common.

    In a time of computer/optical/laser controls and QC this type of gauging is becoming less common.

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