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Thread: Dust. My workshop nightmare

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    Dust. My workshop nightmare

    I hate dust. More to the point I hate what dust is probably doing to my lungs. I wear a high quality mask, I have dust extraction on my machines, but when the sun shines through the window i see clouds of fine dust that I must be inhaling. So I took the plunge despite cash being tight right now and bought a workshop air filtration unit. The Axminster AC15AFS was the one that liked the best and cost me about 170. I am sure there is a similar machine in the US as these seem to be generic Far East manufactured.<br>I wanted to review the machine, but realised I would have to test it for a few weeks to see if it was any good, so I made a part 1 video which the unboxing and installation. I hope you find it interesting.<br><br>

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    This is a great addition to the shop and greater for your healthy my friend! Looking forward for part two.


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