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Thread: Dust Shoe for a 80mm CNC Spindle (Not 3D printed)

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    Dust Shoe for a 80mm CNC Spindle (Not 3D printed)

    Maybe you already noticed, but I don't really like 3D printings, for many reasons, I would not explain why now, it would take too much time,
    but it turns out that I recently upgraded my CNC, and I needed a new dust collection solution for this big 2.2KW spindle, the one with a 80mm diameter round body.

    I am really running out of time, and for once, (sometime one can be weak ...) , I had a look at what was available online, and I found every where this black dust shoe, it had all the features I wanted, the vacuum hose diameter was the one I wanted, the bristle brush was magnet mounted, small footprint.
    OK , I did noticed it was 3D printed, but it was cheap, so I said to myself : ok, why not ... for once ...

    So this is the thing I'm showing here : first work piece I was cutting using it:

    But, right after this, second piece, the bracket holding the tightening screw on the spindle simply broke along the printed lines, the hole fixture came loose, started touching the running spindle, the material starting melting, that was the end of the story for that thing ...

    I was really thinking I should have never bought this crappy thing, and this will not change my opinion about melted wire technology ...

    So I decided to take a little more time and designed my own version, made of 15mm plywood layers, glued together.
    I saved the bristle from the crappy thing and reused them, even if they were damaged.
    I assembled the last layer using 8 magnets to be able to access and change the tool easily.

    Here are some pictures of what I made.
    I will make the plan available, please if you want to make one, feel free to ask, I will provide you with the plan or even with files, even if Gcode is rarely reusable as is if you don't use the same cutting tools.(and my gcode in in millimeters)

    The brush ring is reused from the black thing and epoxied to the sole of the shoe, 8mm x 3mm rare earth magnets are epoxied as well.

    The thing showed at the top of the following picture , I have purchased it since, is a 1meter long roll of bristle made just for that purpose, in case I feel the first one is a little small, I can do a second sole to mount these, they are a 20mm longer (70mm, 50mm for the black thing bristle)

    Here is the finished product, with a couple of clear varnish layers added.

    And here it is, attached to the spindle. It's attached using a big hose clamp.
    There is a saw kerf across the upper rings to let the clamp tighten the fixture to the spindle.

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    Thanks Christophe Mineau! We've added your Dust Shoe to our Dust Collectors category,
    as well as to your builder page: Christophe Mineau's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I like that, it looks good. Iíve wanted to make a dust shoe for mine but Iíve never followed through because Iím running a Bosch router which exhausts out the bottom so I have told myself the shoe wouldnít really be effective unless I could pull enough vacuum to suck it all out and I donít believe I could do that. Iíve been too cheap to try to figure purchase and use of an actual spindle instead.

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