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Thread: Electric junction distribution box

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    Electric junction distribution box

    there the many electric cables coming from the APU to go into the sleeper required nearly a 2 1/2" hole just to get all of the connectors and cables through. So I thought why not add something useful instead of just passing the cables through an open hole I would pull cables back down to power an electrical outlet and to provide a means to connect the truck to what is known as shore power like an RV or boat this way there would be no need to run the APU when he was parked overnight or having to wait out a weekend for over dimensional permits when wherever the was parked provided hook ups to power.
    This is what I cam up with
    Electric junction distribution box-20190815_171302aw.jpg

    Electric junction distribution box-20190816_141525za.jpg

    Electric junction distribution box-20190816_141535za.jpg

    Electric junction distribution box-20190816_141551-0-za.jpg

    Electric junction distribution box-20190816_141558za.jpg
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