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Thread: Experimental rocket shock diamond - GIF

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    Since I had to look it up. From Wikipedia: Shock diamonds (also known as Mach diamonds or thrust diamonds) are a formation of standing wave patterns that appear in the supersonic exhaust plume of an aerospace propulsion system, such as a supersonic jet engine, rocket, ramjet, or scramjet, when it is operated in an atmosphere. The "diamonds" are actually a complex flow field made visible by abrupt changes in local density and pressure as the exhaust passes through a series of standing shock waves and expansion fans. Mach diamonds are named after Ernst Mach, the physicist who first described them.

    Experimental rocket shock diamond - GIF-sr71_18.jpg

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    Recognize that unique squeak at shutdown?
    wait for it.........

    Always thought that was landing gear of the Planet Express. Turns out it's Leela shutting down thrust!

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