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    I have a 90 y.o. friend who has a converted garage to a bedroom. She wanted to convert it to be self contained & there was already a toilet & shower ensuite in it (60's & 70's style= 4.5 m by 0.9m ) but tiles were broken & so I replaced them despite a cavity behind and nothing withwhich to fix.

    Then she wanted a Kitchen with vinyl floor so I did that with a second hand kitchen & new vinyl. then she wanted new carpet as her grandson had parked a vehicle in there before the roller was replaced with a glass slider ( see my post for replacing glass in a sliding door).
    Well I'm no carpet layer so told her she'd have to get some tradie in after I sourced some off cut for it.

    The carpet layer told her to sweep the flaking paint (I said a year ago) before he removes old rubbish (logical move).So I got the job.

    She insisted wisely that I not use a ladder or my saw stools.
    The result is an extending broom. I had a broken extending pruner (as everyone has) and cut off the broken head. I didn't want to cut a perfectly good broom handle so made a V jig and removed a section of a large dowel I had lying around (as you do).I taped it to the flat part of the original pruner top & fixed with hex (wood) screws. Easy Peasy!

    EXTENDA BROOM-rsz_dsc_0894.jpg

    There you have it.

    EXTENDA BROOM-rsz_dsc_0895.jpg

    I can remove the head for the normal yard broom.


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    Thanks ranald! We've added your Broom Extension to our Cleaning category,
    as well as to your builder page: ranald's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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