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Thread: Extra long reach Knot pick

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    Extra long reach Knot pick

    Anyone who has ever tied a knot in anything has at one time or another had to untie that knot.
    Sometimes knots in ropes can be frustrating so we use what is called a knot pick to help loosen the strands enough to untie the knot.
    Well try that at 18 ft up in the air on a structure that you can no longer access safely.
    Recently we had a small storm come through with winds at least 80 MPH they were strong enough to fell several trees one of which was at least 35 ft tall with a 10 inch diameter trunk
    Extra long reach Knot pick-20170517_153141p.jpg
    So you can imagine how well my tent shop fair'd. It had stood through several spring storms with gusts of 60 MPH with no problems
    But not the hour long thrashing of 70 and 80 MPH winds. This meant that I needed to remove the tarp before repairs can be administered but how to untie the lacing ropes I had so carefully secured the covering with I couldn't reach them even if I stood on the very top of my 10 ft aluminum extending step ladder, nor was I going to attempt it, this 63 year old former Ranger knows he can not land like he could at 20
    So I came up with the mother of all knot picks. I took a 100" stainless steel CB antenna and bent 1" or the end to a 90 angle. I could then stand on the 3rd or 4th rung aqnd lean against the ladder for balance while I reached up to untie and unlace the ropeExtra long reach Knot pick-20170518_165139aa.jpg Extra long reach Knot pick-20170518_165156aa.jpg
    Extra long reach Knot pick-20170518_163630aa.jpg Extra long reach Knot pick-20170518_163756aa.jpg

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