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Thread: Fire truck garage doors and warning lights - GIF and video

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    When ya gotta go..
    The idiots who run our fire service, all of whom live in the 'capital', decided to sell the couple of acres next to a lake that had the local fire station on it rather than do maintaince for millions, Council wouldn't buy to expand existing adjacent parkand so it was sold to a 'developer'. The money dissappeared into a hole somewhere and the local guys ended up in a much smaller station on one of the busiest main roads in the area next to an intersection with an inadequate drying tower and no 'burning building' practice area. Firemen where meant to hit a button as they got into the trucks which would turn the lights at the intersection red, sound an alarm and open the doors.
    So much for theory, by the time they started to move the doors were closing, the intersection lights had returned to normal and the alarm didn't work.
    Six years later doors are opened and closed manually, the only alarm is the truck siren but at least the intersection lights can be manually operated by someone walking down to the end of the drive, unlocking a box and flipping a switch.
    I bet the local guys would love a system like you've shown.

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    I can see right now if I were backing that trailer to the dock the first thing I would do would be to pull my concealed carry and shoot out that green glow.
    you can't see the change in glow of your trailer lights as you near the dock with lights of Zorba glaring down on you If you are going to have anything place lights high up under the overhang so they shine on the dock or the door opening Drivers don't need them and for sure don't want them shining in their mirrors Steering wheel holders shouldn't be attempting to back up to a dock in the first place.

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