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Thread: Fired bullet shape comparisons - photo

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    Cutaways of various rounds.

    Fullsize image:

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    Any info on their respective velocity, penetration depth and target medium density?

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    Any info on each of these rounds ?

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    Second from left could be .30-06, the next looks a lot like .303 British, not sure about the rest.

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    Probably so called ballistic putty, as it gives better(but not as "natural") expansion than 10% gelatine at 4C.

    As for cartridges:

    Quote Originally Posted by CMFECTU
    Left to right:

    7.62 X 54R loaded with a FMJ lead core boat tailed bullet. EDIT: This appears to be a 8 X 56mm R given the shoulder angle and neck size. However, they are typically 2mm shorter than a 7.62X54R, and this appears to have the same overall length as what I am sure is a 7.62X 54 R in the 3rd cartridge. It is NOT a .303 british, so while rather uncommon, this seems to fit the shoulder junction and neck shapes best.
    .30-06 M2 AP as evidenced by the manganese-molybdenum penetrator core encased in a thick copper jacket and a lead filled tip.
    Also 7.52 X 54R loaded with a steel core in the light ball variant
    A Korean or Albanian produced 7.62X39 cartridge jacketed steel core with lead tip
    7.62 X 35 (300 Blackout) using an all copper exotic bullet, likely a 110 grain Lehigh Defense HV Controlled Chaos Bullet
    5.56 Nato M855 cartridge, which as the designation indicates is a copper jacketed steel base bullet
    9mm Luger using a solid copper bullet, likely a 125 grain Fort Scott Munitions TUI bullet.

    Post your reply!
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