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Thread: Floatplane crashing into water - GIF

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    They went from engine out to engine off!

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    The front fell off.

    I'm sorry. I had to.

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    I just hate it when that happens.
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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    Damm, that was a hard landing it literally ripped the motor off.

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    CG might have changed when the engine headed for the water.

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    Wont show the wife that one. It was hard enuf to get her into one the 1st time.

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    Being totally ignorant about flying, is this a pilot's version of "hang 10"??

    On a more serious side, it seems to me that the area of a plane's fuselage where the engine mounts onto the plane would be one of the strongest parts of the fuselage? And it looks like he hit the water quite hard, but what I see is the entire engine heading south upon impact and taking all of the front float struts with it?? Do y'all think that it was the structure, the pilot, or the landing which caused this craft to break apart?? Or a combination of all of that and maybe a bad day for the pilot to leave the water sic."ground"?

    Epilogue: I followed a couple of other GIFs under this one and came on a link to a video involving a Beech King Air B200 in which the pilot of the aircraft flying a gentleman and his family home from a funeral had a heart attack shortly after taking off. the husband had a few hours in single engine flying but had never piloted any twin engine aircraft before. This is well worth the watch of just over 43 minutes. I am a senior of 77 years and I cried like a baby through this adventure thinking of what I may have done in the same situation with no flight experience whatsoever. My older son has his license and I was very much against his becoming a pilot for a raft of rreasons but I now know that any training of this kind and a clear and calm demeanor in such a situation will mean the lives of all involved when the one man, whose job is to fly that family safely from point A to point B, suddenly succumbs to a fatal heart attack.

    Trust me, it is mostly animated but it is well worth your time to watch the video and the subsequent awards video which follows this adventure.

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