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Thread: Flower garden weeding tool

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    Flower garden weeding tool

    Today I was finished mucking the horse repurposed hay and the wife and her sister were weeding the flower garden(way overdue). I decided to help cause it was 90deg+ and about the same humidity. The grass was 6" tall and rooted well. No pulling it without breaking it off and having it come right back. I used the 4 tine garden rake and soon decided this was working, but not good enough. I asked sis if she had a broken rake and she had one of the cheap garden rakes with the tines, bar and insert tang all cast in one piece. It had broken off just to the left of the tang. Perfect. I cut the tang off where it met the cross bar. Then I welded it to the center of the bar with the tines pointing forward at about a 30 degree angle from parallel to the handle. I went out to the weeds and tried it. The object was to lift the roots and loosen the soil so the weeds could be picked up easily.
    It worked, kinda. still hard to pull most of the weeds. Back to the scrap pile and picked up a piece of 1" conduit that was the right length. I welded it to the top front of the cross bar and went back to try it. It worked so well we were done, with what would have been at least 1 more hours work, in 15 minutes. They both said,"you gotta patent this". I told them I will patent it, wait 3 weeks for the Chinese copy to show up, then sue the chinese company for royalties.
    This really works good though. You shove it in and pull back a little and the roots and dirt are loose. Here's some pics.Flower garden weeding tool-part951465767323861.jpgFlower garden weeding tool-part951465767277000.jpgFlower garden weeding tool-part_1465767227010.jpg
    I love the camera on my phone. It can make anything look crooked. This is straight though. LOL
    If you have to pull weeds(or want to get on the good side of your wife)make one of these. It makes a PITA chore quick and easy.


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