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Thread: Foam sanding drum,

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    Foam sanding drum,

    Foam sanding drum,-080e4a90-92b3-4794-8fa7-3c61cb02bfe2.jpegFoam sanding drum,-23aee099-ae77-41c5-9d04-ff003b27c93c.jpeg
    It’s quite difficult to buy the Oakley 5” foam sanding drum, which was once available in any hardware store. They are particularly good for sanding curves and I still have a good stock of belts. Unfortunately they round over quite quickly. I decided I wasn’t going to order one and pay for delivery and they’re much dearer now.

    Luckily the guys this morning were deciding to throw out two foam mattresses, which were insanitary and flopping about, in the way, so I cut off a couple of chunks, enough for 8 drums. The foam is softer than the original., but Ive found with oversize flanges tightened down, they work all right.Foam sanding drum,-c8cc43aa-d4cf-44fd-aea6-79bf6568eeff.jpeg
    The foam cuts easily with a ham knife, I should think so too- Sheffield cast steel, but not allowed in the kitchen. A hole is drilled through the foam with a 3/8” zip bit for a length of studding.
    Foam sanding drum,-202f09a9-c662-4664-8325-57767ac7eb28.jpeg
    The flanges are cut from mdf on the baby bandsaw, using a jig. It’s not the best jig ever.
    Foam sanding drum,-f6289a81-4129-43c9-9fbe-37bf28f0fe20.jpeg.
    This jig is only to cut a few discs, the precise setting becomes worn, so this disc is over size.
    The foam is sandwiched between the flanges, chucked into the bench drill and using a rotary rasp, the 3 components are trued.
    Foam sanding drum,-17ce3a3c-9078-4603-b547-d38a41e71d21.jpegThe belt can be put on after releasing the top flange. It won’t fit over the flange, since they help to stop the belt running off under pressure.

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