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Thread: Four Dollar Slapper

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    Four Dollar Slapper

    I needed to get a slapper for my panelbeating efforts.

    Many homemade ones are made from an old automotive leafspring. But I didn't have any laying around.

    I found these pry bars at my local HF store on sale for 1.99 each. Today the regular price is 3.99.

    Using a cutoff disc on my angle grinder I cut them on the red lines in the photo.
    Four Dollar Slapper-image_18374-.jpg

    Then I overlapped them a little and mig welded them together. I thought overlap might be stronger since I was welding tempered steel and wanted to minimize the chance of the weld cracking. I will try butt welding the two pieces together if there is a next time.
    Four Dollar Slapper-img_2961.jpg

    Ground the striking surface smooth and polished it a bit with my sander with some aluminum oxide grit.
    Four Dollar Slapper-img_2963.jpg

    Found some plastic tubing to use as a handle, and Bobs your uncle! Works a treat. After trying it out, I immediately regretted not doing it sooner.

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