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Thread: Freighter passes over diver - GIF

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    Freighter passes over diver - GIF

    Freighter passes over diver in the St. Clair River.


    1907 iron dive suit - photo
    1946 diving suit manufacturing - GIF
    Diving suit pressurizing kit - photo

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    That is a dangerous place to be as the St Clair River is not all that deep. While deep enough for Ocean Going and Lake Freighters it has to be dredged to maintain the shipping channel. The ships propellors may look small but are huge and would make mince meat out of any item caught in their flow.

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    Diving in any river with active shipping is not without its risks. especially where the shipping channels have to be dredged just to keep them deep enough for the traffic.
    Where I hated doing work diving was in marinas on lakes. Boat owners can be some of the filthiest humans on the planet when it comes to disposing things from their boats while docked in their slips A lot of times the water is murky with near zero visibility and you may encounter anything from bed springs to to broken bottles. rotting sail sheets fishing lines and hooks ropes and cables and every once in a while you might actually get lucky and find someone's clothes with a wallet full of cash or a gold neckless
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    isn't there supposed to be diver below markers? (blue and white from memory) - and boats/ ships have to stay away from the said markers....

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