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Thread: Fullers (pair)

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    Fullers (pair)

    Fullers (pair)-e8e290d1-ec8a-422e-a643-b49c49008830.jpegFullers (pair)-0f8c5460-48ff-47f2-9a8f-bde1632c7eef.jpegFullers (pair)-902c13c4-914f-4c7c-a8ea-7058b5d53b93.jpeg
    What I have done with these salvaged Exeter-pattern joiners’ hammers is to forge the cross peins into a curve on my swage block (qv) for the purpose of fullering a bick on an anvil bridge.
    Fullers (pair)-862aa346-d13b-4e34-b8c8-a01ed902c699.jpeg
    This is the last bit of 1&1/4” plate I salvaged from Howard at Shadow Supplies. It was probably part of a digger bucket. I am just doing this to extend my techniques, I already have an anvil bridge. I only have the energy to forge for a couple of hours, so I am wasting fuel reheating the block over and over. What a pity I have no striker!
    The fullers were normalised after forging, not tempered, and are standing up well.
    The hardy tool is a clip I made specifically to hold the block on the anvil while fullering. The block has jumped out once only so far!

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Fullers to our Forging and Casting category,
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    Very nice!!! thank you..

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