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Thread: GM Car/Truck Radio Removal Tool

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    nortin's Tools

    GM Car/Truck Radio Removal Tool

    A quick little aid for removing those notched nuts that hold the radio in in your (older) GM vehicle. Materials are, 1 broken screwdriver handle,1 internally threaded quick connect or an airline.Some glue(your choice,I used plumbers or automotive GOOP, comes in a tube and holds good) The example fitting shown isn't quite accurate to what I used but it was all I had on hand. I cut the fitting down with my dremel and yeh its a bit rough but it works fine AND cancels the need to struggle those nuts off with a needle nose pliers and curses! GM Car/Truck Radio Removal Tool-100_4135.jpg,GM Car/Truck Radio Removal Tool-100_4136.jpg,GM Car/Truck Radio Removal Tool-100_4137.jpg

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