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Thread: Handy Pipe Centre.

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    Handy Pipe Centre.

    Hello all,
    Pouring with rain so I thought I'd carry on with fixing up what I think is an old rotary hoe gearbox. It has an Aluminium case and is 60:1 reduction. I bought it a couple of weeks ago off a bloke who picked it out of the skip about 15 - 20 years ago and he is de-cluttering his shed.
    Hardened worm, beautiful Bronze wheel and only needs the worm bearing at the input end replaced. I'll probably replace the lot as the bearings have/had greased felt dust excluders which had perished and I doubt they are still available.
    Anyway this is about cleaning up the centre tube which was originally blued.
    I cleaned up the ends and wanted to give the outer portion a light clean before re-bluing and while I have a 5" tailstock centre I had nothing for the headstock. Having a rummage I spotted a 2" tow-ball which was chucked up and quickly dialed in thanks to the handy base.
    I thought this might come in handy for someone else sometime. Worked well.

    For some reason I cannot upload pictures, I'll try and add later.

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