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Thread: Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250

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    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250

    One of the things I insist on is having some protection of the rear window in all of my pickups also incase I want to haul something a little long I have a support to allow the materials to extend over the roof of the cab.
    I have a couple of old flat beds off of whatever they came off of. So wanting to build a headache rack window protector but not wanting to use new materials or spend the time to make a complete rack I decided to cut one off of one of the flat beds.
    Ok this done now to reduce the height so it I can mount it to the top of a pickup bed sides . Problem #1 the rack is 10 inches too wide even after cutting it off to the height I wanted so now I have to section it and reduce the width.
    This was how it turned out
    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250-wp_20200327_13_53_33_prohr.jpg

    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250-wp_20200327_14_32_25_prohr.jpg

    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250-wp_20200327_14_33_15_prohr.jpg
    A little blue over spray wont ever hurt an old truck
    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250-wp_20200329_18_58_46_protk.jpg

    Headach rack for my 91 Ford F250-wp_20200329_18_59_03_protk.jpg
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