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Thread: Hello, I have just started my first thread ever.

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    Hello, I have just started my first thread ever.

    That said I anticipate a pile of noise about the mistakes I will make.

    Introduction: I am an antique human. When I bought my 1st car a 1968 Plymouth Fury it was about five years old and came with an AM radio that had buttons. Most of the machines I own are older than most peoples kids, or their wives. I am retiring soon, I built a shop to satisfy my bride because when I stated I was retiring she said build a shop to occupy your time (since I don't go work to much or out to sea any longer). That seemed a sensible suggestion so I am working it out.

    I like old Shop Smith Mark V's in green but the gray ones have a better power head. I dabble with machine metal fab and some wire feed welding but my new interest is to be 3D printing and shaping.

    Currently I'm moving some buildings around that were in the way of the shop, when they get set I want to try a solar stand alone on two of them so I can make decent vehicle storage of them. But I spent my wad on the shop so its shovels, a tractor, and come-along for a while. With a healthy dose of concreate mixing and pouring too.

    Well that's me for now-games on.

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    I never thought I'd get to be the first to welcome someone aboard.
    also we love pictures of things especially tools made by the one posting them.
    Keep us apprised on your shop progress. pictures are great too.
    Check out some of the stickies at the top of the forums there are helpful hints there as well
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    Welcome aboard, mallet! Looking forward too seeing your shop and machines!

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    Never thought I'd be third place tossing out welcome mat...but as Frank S mentions, pics are a big plus; even if it's just dirt work. And you're way ahead of many with a tractor on call.

    Post your reply!
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