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Thread: High-quality black-and-white photographs of large old machines and tools

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    Chip trays are a plus.
    Big parts, a lot of chips.
    But not until it's loaded in the machine.
    I'll take the jib crane and hoist; that has unique construction.
    Practically guaranteed though, none left in existence.

    And that shaft hook, it cantilevers with a yoke above shaft, and slings balance from below!
    Does Jon award Tool Of The Week posthumously?

    *2. Went back for another gander, 1904 but not a lineshaft shop. The motor drives a cogged belt, with the headstock gearing under or in the lathe bed? The headstock proper IS in the middle, tailstocks and carriages at each end. Chuck is actually a trunnion bearing.
    Well worth examining full size. Enhanced maybe, but they still can't improve image beyond what is recorded. Incredible detail.

    A slightly newer version; with conventional drive.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    That old Putnam lathe was made in the same town where they made the early Iver Johnson firearms.

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    Looks more like a single sided chain than a belt, similar to a 'silent' chain.

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    the chain of command is always belting out orders.hoist this hoist that. chip get back to work!!! oops rong factory....silent chain of command my's all single make parts, the one command makes $$$ keep all these awesome pics coming and stimulating my 3 brain cells!!! or was that simulating?

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