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Thread: HLVP paint gun holder

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    HLVP paint gun holder

    While I know you can buy these HVLP paint sprayer stands very cheaply, I recently made a new tool for bending metal and making one of the these stands was a great way to test it out.

    I do admit, I did copy the basic principle/shape of the store bought versions but I made mine completely from 1/4" round steel rod doing away with the sheet metal base theirs has. I also made it so the gun sits high enough that I can keep a moisture filter and quick connector on the end. I gave the top filter portion the ability to swing out of the way or you can pull it right out and remove in between fill ups. I've also added a double hook so you can hang it up on peg board when not in use. (will hang with or without the paint gun installed) A finish coat of Sail Blue Rustoleum completes it.

    I've been needing one of these for a LONG time! No more setting my gun on the floor propped up against something or doing a juggling act when refilling the cup!

    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7909.jpg
    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7910.jpg
    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7911.jpg
    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7912.jpg
    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7913.jpg
    HLVP paint gun holder-dscn7914.jpg

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    Thanks bobs409! We've added your HVLP Paint Gun Holder to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: bobs409's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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