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Thread: Homemade A Cargo Bike Using Cable Driving System From Damaged Bike Parts

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    Homemade A Cargo Bike Using Cable Driving System From Damaged Bike Parts

    Dear Everybody,
    Today I would like to introduce How to Build An Electric Cargo Bike Using Cable Driving System From Damaged Bike Parts.
    I hope you feel interested in my video.
    Please like, share and subscribe my channel to see more videos.
    Thank you so much!

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    Thanks fawabros! We've added your Electric Cargo Bike to our Bicycle category,
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    The construction looks well executed. However, the steering geometry is not correct and is in fact dangerous. You need some rake built into your front fork. I noticed in the video it is nearly impossible for the rider to ride a straight line without constant steering input. This is not safe. You should be able to ride perfectly straight with very little to no steering input.There is a lot of information available in regard to rake, trail and offset for two wheeled vehicle steering. This is just one of many articles available.


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