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Thread: Homemade Roller Bender - Make A Metal Bender

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    Homemade Roller Bender - Make A Metal Bender

    Hello everyone,
    I have a long time in my mind a plan of this Metal Bender.
    For my future project I need something that can bend tubes, that's why I have given progress to video making this Homemade Roller Bender.
    To make this Metal Bender I used the following material:
    flywheel, starter gear, and little imagination.
    When I saw the prices of the new flywheel, I immediately changed my mind to buy it. I went straight to a good friend of mine who runs a garage in Ronse,
    he gave me a flywheel and a broken starter with which I could realize my project.
    I have to admit, once I made this bender I bent a lot of tubes, just for fun).
    Like all my previous projects you will see this bender a lot in my next videos.
    MeanWhileInTheGarage Youtube channel: CLICK HERE

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    Thanks meanwhileinthegarage! We've added your Roller Bender to our Metalworking category,
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    nicely done !!

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    That's about as nice of a little bender that I have seen in a while

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