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Thread: Hot stapler - GIF

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    Hot stapler - GIF

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    These are used to reinforce and stabilize cracks in plastic before bondo, primer, and paint in auto body repair.

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    Whenever we smashed the plastics off of our dirt bikes and four wheelers growing up, I would always fix them with a soldering iron. Take them off the bike, then flip them over so you can see the inside. Put the two pieces together then dig a "trench" with the hot tip along the crack. This will squish two "hills" of molten plastic out to each side of the crack, while starting to join the two pieces back together at the base of the crack, like the root pass of a weld. Then lay the hot tip down sideways and fill the trench by pushing the material you just squished out back in.

    I have repaired many plastics this way. It works really well.

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