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Thread: How To Build Switchable Magnet

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    How To Build Switchable Magnet

    The switchable magnets is the most satisfactory project I have built to date.

    This full build video demonstrates all the important steps needed to build the switchable magnet, using popular and available tools: drill press, miter saw, table saw. For someone who only has drill press, there would be a bit more hand cutting and filing required, but still possible to complete the build.

    What makes it so special is the fact I used the Nikola Tesla handwritten notes, which I followed despite they didn't seem to follow the common logic or sense. And towards my great surprise, the switchable magnet works and it exceeded my expectations.

    8x 1 cubic centimeter NeoDymium magnets are the heart of this device, combined with 2x 1 square centimeter profile iron bars, around 7 cm long, serving as a frame and the magnetic field loops conductor and amplifier.
    The Nikola Tesla design is different from the most popular switchable magnets on the market, and the magnets arrangement is totally different, which is why it didn't make a scientific sense at first glance. Now I do fully understand how it works, and I take my hat off to the genius of Sir Nikola Tesla. His handwritten notes were a bit cryptic as well, but I'm happy to have figured them out, and after numerous prototypes and thorough testing, I found the best proportions and configuration, to achieve the best magnetic field amplification.

    A single switchable magnet can lift up to 6 kg = 13.2 lbs. And it can withhold the force at 90 degrees on the steel surface (table saw / bandsaw / drill press) up to 6.7 kg = 15 lbs. Of course combining more switchable magnets will multiply the holding force capabilities.

    Because it is fully made out of metal: aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel bars, neodymium magnets, this switchable magnets are welding friendly, which expands their functionality even further than just woodworking machinery assistance, such as jigs / fixtures / magnetic fences / feather boards / miter gauges / stop blocks / cut delimiters and whatever your imagination brings to your ideas.

    IF you don't have time or tools to make them, you can buy them off the shelf on:

    Alternatively you can purchase the build plans in PDF exported from Sketchup, showing in details every angle, profile, dimensions, components used, assembly instructions and so on:

    I truly enjoyed this project, as it brought limitless satisfaction to me.

    I spent a lot of time and resources while prototyping this build and making the final product, so your purchase of the build plans is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for watching and your support!

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    At Tiger Carpenter I use both hand and power tools. I put a lot of thought into the design and optimization. I like to come up with the improvements of the tools or jigs that are already out there, and share my ideas or findings with the community so that we all can benefit from each invention.I also implement the principle of aiming for perfection. I learn from the mistakes I made, and I raise the bar for every next project.

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