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Thread: How drum barrels are made - GIF

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    Wait a minute, I thought barrels were made by a bunch of guys wearing sandals...

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    When I saw this video, it reminded me of a day, June 18, 1969. I was just out of high school and started my first off the farm job. I was a fork lift operator at GE and I was working in a building that did sheet metal work. When for the first time I saw a flat pieces of sheet metal being formed into various shapes on these huge hydraulic press brakes. Anyone watching me must have seen my jaw drop to the floor in sheer amazement. This was my first introduction into modern manufacturing. I am 72 today and many times throughout the years I was amazed by the advancement in technology. At one point I was running a shear and we heard a rumor they were going to replace my machine with a NC tape machine, only one operator needed. Just slide the sheet into the clamps, push the button, and go to the opposite end of the machine and sort and stack finished parts as they came out on a conveyor. "Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it" I said. Weel six months later, I believed it. Sorry for the long post, and a visit back in the time of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloJohn View Post
    I thought barrels were made by a bunch of guys wearing sandals...
    Music is made with barrels by guys and girls wearing sandals.,st:0

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