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Thread: How to Install Rivnuts, Rivet Nuts or Nutserts, Without the Expensive Tools

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    Exclamation How to Install Rivnuts, Rivet Nuts or Nutserts, Without the Expensive Tools

    Hello every one. I give you a great cheap solution to install rivet nuts or threaded nuts without the use of expensive tools, also a great solution if you need to instal a nutsert in a tight space that your tools won't fit in.

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    I would like to point out that Riv-Nuts are NOT intended for joining two or more pieces of material. They are intended to be a captive female fastener in one piece of material so that another piece of material can be joined using a screw or bolt. There are also Quick-studs which are essentially a male fastener that a nut can be used on.
    I have commercial tools for installation including pneumatic ones but have found that for small numbers a modified flat flange nut is the best. You can use a standard nut but they wear out fast.
    A flange nut has an advantage in that the flange ensures that the crimping load is spread over the whole of the Riv-Nut outer surface, most are of a medium-high Carbon steel hardened and tempered for long life and have larger across the flats measurements than the bolt/Hex-head Capscrew I use with them.
    The flange also makes the nut easy to hold in a lathe while turning the locating rebate. I drill out the flange nut and use a washer under the head of the pulling bolt/capscrew along with some lubrication.
    The small footprint means you can have a bunch of different sizes that work with different shaft sizes regardless of thread.
    For example a 1/4" flange nut drilled to 1/4" works perfectly for UNC, UNF, Whitworth & M6 Metric. One nut to fit all to paraphrase that thingy in The Ring.
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    rivet tool

    i put an radial bearing in between the two flanges that I turned out to hold the bearing in place ), works great

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    Bonne idée merci bien!

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