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Thread: How to Make Hand Circular Saw | Angle Grinder Hack

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    How to Make Hand Circular Saw | Angle Grinder Hack

    I converted my angle grinder to circular saw. This hack is very useful for woodworking. I made an attachment for converting the angle grinder to circular saw. This homemade angle grinder hack works well. This circular saw is very useful for my diy project.
    Enjoy this awesome, Powerful and cheap saw machine project . Very easy to make, accurate and smooth cutting with in a few seconds. Not expensive materials are used. like this video and Share it with your friends!

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    Thanks HandmadeCreativeChannel! We've added your Circular Saw to our Woodworking category,
    as well as to your builder page: HandmadeCreativeChannel's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Be real careful--circular saw blades are not usually rated for the high RPM that an angle grinder has! Circular saw blades are usually rated for around 5000 rpm while most 4 inch angle grinders achieve up in the vicinity of 8-12,000 rpm. 6-7 inch grinders are around 8-9000 rpm, and even the big 9 inch grinders are around 6-7000 rpm.

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