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Thread: How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206

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    How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206

    How to search and find the cables (colors and number codes) that need to be connecting at the tow barís outlet socket.
    Use a multimeter or a 12V car circuit tester or a 12V lamp a clip alligator a needle and a piece of cable and recheck by own the color/number codes.
    I am not sure if Peugeot use the same colors and number codes out of Europe.
    Usually a tow electrics cable consists of 7 individual insulated wires with different colors.
    But if you havenít a seven wires cable,
    you can do the job with a six
    or even with a five wires cable but with some limitations.
    I have used a 6 wires cable.
    I haven't used the fog light and I made a shortcut at the socket's pin 7(58L) / 5(58R)
    so to be use only one wire for tail lights, using the rest one to strengthen the earth line (2 wires earth).
    DO NOT use the Fog light socket's pin 2(54G) for the making of a second line earth,
    just use the two cables together at the earth pin.
    Commonly from my experience after over of 35 years on towing,
    the most problems at the tow lights are from a bad earth.
    So a good and strong earth, from a point away from any moisture point is important.

    How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-1.jpg How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-2.jpg How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-20160709_135539.jpg

    How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-20160709_175244.jpg How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-20160709_175250-crop.jpg How to Tow Bar Electrics Peugeot 206-20160709_175255.jpg

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