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Thread: Improved Socket Organizers for Your Tool Chest for Free!

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    Improved Socket Organizers for Your Tool Chest for Free!

    The space in most of our tool boxes is limited. Socket clips are a pain when it comes to removing sockets. Commercial socket organizers take up too much space and often have pegs for sockets we don't have or need.

    I am dealing with this problem by making my own socket organizers out of some pieces of scrap hardwood floor I have on hand. I lined up all the sockets on a bench, measured the length of the row, and measured the largest and smallest sockets. Drilled large and small holes at the ends, and cut between them with a bandsaw. Then glued the blade gap shut.

    The photos show the difference in drawer space required for regular vs. home made socket organizers. Due to the drawer height, I didn't put a base under the wooden racks to lift them out, but you could.

    Most of us can recognize a socket size by looking at it and don't need labels. Just use different racks for inch and metric.

    Improved Socket Organizers for Your Tool Chest for Free!-socket1.jpg Improved Socket Organizers for Your Tool Chest for Free!-socket2.jpg Improved Socket Organizers for Your Tool Chest for Free!-socket3.jpg

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    I have that very same problem and this solution is how I'm going to fix it. Thanks for the great idea.
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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    ancient Sidchrome socket sets did something similar, but made of folded sheet metal. The sheet metal was about 0.5mm thick, and simply folded into a tapered tray shape with the ends spotwelded closed.

    That is the method I plan to make for some of my installs, and the thinner floor material overcomes the height issue described above.


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    Great idea!

    I once made an organizing tray for my roll around toolbox at work using some scrap 3/8" plywood. I literally glued it together with a hot glue gun and then sprayed it with Duplicolor aerosol truck bed liner. I didn't have very high expectations for it lasting very long, but to my surprise it lasted several years and was still very solid when I passed it on to someone else. What surprised me most was that the cheap truckbed liner was still intact and showed no signs of chipping or peeling.

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