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Thread: Infrared thermography of different materials - GIF

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    Infrared thermography of different materials - GIF

    Infrared thermography of acrylic, plastic, trash bag, and aluminum plate.


    Smartphone thermal camera - GIF
    Thermochromic paint - GIF
    Vein viewer - GIF
    WWII infrared paint drying tunnel - photo

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    I remember a Mythbusters segment where they had to sneak past an infrared alarm to enter a room. IIRC, they used a sheet of glass to "hide" their infrared signature from the detector.

    The relevant part starts at about 08:00...

    Regards, Marv

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    Anybody remember when Sony came out with that camcorder in the 90s that had nightvision? And immediately people figured out that they could see through bathing suits and certain clothes... It was a big scandal at the time.

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