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Thread: Kerosene Tank Repair

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    Kerosene Tank Repair

    I got this kerosene space heater about 40 years ago. Paid $10.00 for it, brand new but damaged, at Sears. (remember them) It had been returned. It appeared someone had dropped a concrete block on it.

    I just pounded out the dents, and have since heated a lot of job sites with it. You can still see some of the original dents on the discharge end.

    Kerosene Tank Repair-heater.png

    I got it out last week and discovered a hole in one of the "feet" on the fuel tank.

    Kerosene Tank Repair-pinhole.png

    After wire brushing it clean, I used JB Weld to seal the hole. Adding a 3/4" knockout from an electrical box for reinforcement.

    Kerosene Tank Repair-patch-jb-weld.png

    Then did the other feet. If one was bad I figure the others must be close since they have all been sliding around on the floor for 40 years

    Kerosene Tank Repair-4-feet.png

    Added some Rust-Oleum. Back in business.

    Kerosene Tank Repair-primed.png
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