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Thread: Kindling splitting tool - video

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    the video should be knuckle spitting tool

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    It’s simple, cheap and it works. Somewhat dangerous, but that is inversely proportional to age, awareness and intelligence.

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    If the blade was longer, you wouldn't need to reposition the work so often. You really want to make it as efficient an alternative as you can, and that means each split of the work piece should take one stroke. You could move the pivot point a few inches out, and make the blade deeper, which would also save you energy on the stroke.

    And if you really wanted to get ambitious, you could make the cutting blade from heat-treatable steel, and that would also increase cutting efficiency.

    But I like the concept. I may make one and test my theories, put my welder where my mouth is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Liquidhandwash View Post
    the video should be knuckle spitting tool
    Yup. If you survive plunging a zip cut into that sheet metal with no guard on the angle grinder, the knuckle buster will get ya the first time you use the thing. Another 6" on that handle would be a nice addition.

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    Great use of leverage to cut kindling. I an concerned about the sharp edges / corners on that protrusion at the bottom. Have you considered a longer blade and eliminating that one that sicks out at the bottom? Definitely would make it harder to injure yourself

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    From 2015:

    She is sitting pretty right now.
    The reason they are made in Australia is twofold. 1: her location foundries couldn't handle the volume for the American contracts and 2: The Australian government, unlike the NZ ones, backs small business and entrepreneurs.
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    No need to add on to the single greatest fault. But a simple hinge is another disadvantage, remedied by a compound link. But our firepit hungers for dry split kindling, so there is some sketching ahead, for when I get back to shop.
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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    A little better. By Metalmogul46. 0:44 video:

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    So, this is obviously a "froejack".

    Yes, yes, the first time in history anyone has uttered such a word. (Or not. There's probably a long-expired patent on one somewhere in the back stacks... There are SO many good ideas someone thought of and never did anything with, because inventors do NOT necessarily make good businesspeople - in fact, I have much experience in my first job fresh out of MBA school counseling startups that the correlation coefficient often felt like it approached -1 fairly closely at times. Not always, but often. :-)

    I love the new version.

    As a hobbyist knifemaker, I totally agree with TheElderBrother's suggestion to make the blade out of hardenable steel. Obvious suggestion for a cheap possibility would be a lawnmower blade, or the classic leaf spring off a car if you can find such a thing anymore/where you live. If you're anywhere near horse country, find a farrier and ask for an old file - they're useless once they wear down (which they do quickly) and they're fantastic, very well hardenable steel. (I got 6 off a friend's farrier just for asking and she was happy to give 'em to me.) You'll have to UNharden (anneal) the end with a torch to drill a hole in it for the pivot pin; keep the rest of the blade wrapped in a wet rag to keep from annealing it, and when you grind the edge go slow and dunk it in water often.

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